What noise reduction levels should be expected from a decent double glazed sash window unit?

Windows serve many purposes with one of the most common being the protection against natural forces. They do come in various sizes, shapes and designs keeping in view the architecture as well as the utility. The sash windows are one of the common window types that are found across United Kingdom. The sash windows consist of a frame which can hold multiple panes of glass separated by glazing bars. The construct of the sash windows is focuses on minimizing the extant of the outside factors like wind, dust, heat, noise etc into the home. Different levels of glazing can be done to these windows depending on the requirement.

Double glazed Sash windows

The weather in United Kingdom is never constant and is unpredictable. The Double glazed sash windows offer a good solution to keep up with ever changing conditions and protect against any harsh weather. Having double glazing provides an additional level of protection. The double glazing windows, true to their name have two window panes instead of one. The vacuum thus created between the two panes is filled with gas, preferably krypton or argon. This additional glass offers higher efficiency in terms of insulation as well as reducing the outside noise. The additional insulation is very helpful in a country like United Kingdom and hence is quite popular.

Benefits of Double glazed sash windows:

“Reduce 60 percent of the noise that enter inside”

The double glazing of the window panes offers additional benefits.

  • Insulation: The biggest benefit ought to be the additional insulation that these windows provide. The sash windows by themselves have a much closed fitting with very little heat or air escaping. By making the panes double glazed, it becomes more air tight thereby helping to retain the heat inside the building. It has been observed that these windows contribute towards energy efficiency as there would be a lesser requirement to use the heating devices.
  • Noise reduction: These windows can reduce the amount of outside noise entering the building. But, what noise reduction levels should be expected from a decent double glazed sash window unit? Double glazed sash windows would be able to reduce 60 percent of the noise that enter inside. By having the proper design and the right windows, the percent of noise pollution reduction can be higher.
  • Condensation reduction: Single glazing is known to have problems with condensation resulting in molding and rotting of the timber in wooden frames. Air with higher moisture has a detrimental affect on the health. In a double glaze sash window, the inner panes are warmer which reduces the amount of condensation.
  • Added security: Having an additional glass would mean additional security. These double glazed glasses are tougher to break when compared to a single glazed window panes

Double glazed sash windows are a wonderful option install at homes especially with their utility to retain the heat inside the home and to prevent the noise pollution from entering the home.