Picking the right staircase for your loft conversion in London

Renovating a loft may be a long process. However, in the end, most loft conversions look extraordinary. What’s the reason behind this?

If you have ever had a loft conversion done, you know that staircases are one of those details that catch your eye.

Loft function

Choosing the right staircase all depends on what you have converted your loft into,  whether it’s a storage room or bedroom.

Storage rooms don’t need staircases. In fact, a loft ladder will be just fine if you don’t plan on using it on a daily basis. Loft ladders can stay hidden, leaving more floor space.

On the other hand, bedrooms should have staircases. As they were once lofts, you should consider something different than a typical staircase.

You can choose from a variety of staircases at Sunlux Ltd.

Variety of staircases

With Sunlux, you can choose from a variety of staircases. However, do you know which one to choose?

When choosing a staircase, you may want to consider the interior design of the entire house or just the loft. You must consider how much room you have for the stairs and what color tones will match. Sunlux offers two types of materials:

Both metal and wood staircases come in a variety of colors, textures, and sizes depending on how big the angle you want the stairs to be at and what height.

Most of Sunlux’s staircases are adjustable, meaning that you can modify their height and angle. Some stairs even have an anti-slip option, so those of you that have kids won’t have to worry that anyone will slip if they go running up the stairs.


The installation process of the stairs is very easy. Of course, you will need assistance for someone to be on both floors. The staircase will be assembled, all you have to do is screw the staircase to the floor, disabling it from any additional movement.